How to Buy Mountain Climbing Boots

There are several different types of equipment that you are going to need if you are going to trek the mountains. One of the most important is mountain climbing boots. Picking these out will be a little different than when buying just plain everyday boots.

The Difference Between Mountaineering Boots and Hiking Boots

Your first inclination may be to buy some good sturdy hiking boots. These may be okay in some circumstances, but if you are going to do some serious mountaineering, then you will want true mountain boots. The biggest difference between these and hiking boots, is that the mountaineering ones have more weight to them, and they are rigid in their composition, so they can attach to the necessary climbing gear.

If you are only going on a short climb, then Alpine boots will work nicely. But if the weather conditions are going to be cold, then these boots are not the best choice, as they are made of leather and not meant for intense cold.

If you think you will be climbing on ice, then the boots you are wearing are going to be important for this task. You want a pair of boots that have narrow soles and are also stiff and have a full shank. If you are setting out on a full expedition, you need to choose what are actually called expedition boots. These boots are totally insulated for warmth. What they also have is the ability to remove the insulated lining, which may be necessary if you are going to climb above 15,000 feet.

Ideally, you will want to try your mountain boots on before you buy them. Make sure you are wearing socks that are of medium weight. Pay close attention as to whether the boot is rubbing or pinching your feet anywhere. They should feel snug but comfortable.

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