Choosing the Right Gear for Your Mountain Trip

There are lots of things that you need to take with you on your mountain trip. Yet, at the same time, you need to pack light and be able to compact it. Your gear is just one category that you are going to be depending on.

Your Backpack

This is an item you are going to want to make a good investment in. It has to carry a lot of items, yet be comfortable and lightweight.

Trekking Poles

Don’t count on finding some tree branches as trekking poles. You are going to be in the mountains here, not just some small forest.

Tent and Bedding

You need a simple lightweight tent and a down sleeping bag. Ideally for comfort you may want an inflatable pad to protect you from the ground.

Cooking Items

Go with lightweight cooking items and purchase a lightweight backpacking stove. Water is going to be important, so make sure you have a 3 litre bladder. Also, carry some water filters with you.

Other items on the list that are going to be important include some type of item to start a fire, a knife and a headlamp. Take extra batteries and a trowel so you can bury your waste. Don’t forget the toilet paper, and some trash bags. And an emergency kit is a must.

Make a list of the clothing items you will need. It is highly important that you stay organized with your packing. You don’t want to be up a mountain and suddenly realize that you forgot something important.

You will want some toiletries, but be sensible about this, and only take those items that are necessary. You can buy travel sizes for your toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Don’t forget a towel.

No doubt you will want to cut down some of the costs that come with mountain camping, but don’t do this on important items. Your gear is critical to you safety and comfort.

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