Why should you go camping?

Camping is a great way of spending free time, either alone or with family and friends. Any activity done while being surrounded by nature is a far more pleasant. Being able to breathe clean air, being away from pollution and noise that is covering our cities and enjoying the lack of crowds is refreshing and can really regenerate you after all day’s work. In order to reach a nice, secluded place you often need to take a hike which is another reason to do so, because physical activity is something our body and mind needs constantly, especially if you’re working behind a desk. The trip alone is entertaining and exciting, but there are numerous other things you could do while camping.

Set up your shelter

It’s always good to have a tent and a sleeping bag with you in case it rains or the weather is not so warm. Although try to treat those supplies as your plan B. Creating your shelter by using the materials found in the area can be fun and challenging activity. Searching for correct type of wood, being able to tie different parts together and finally filling the gaps with twigs and moss is very satisfying, especially when you manage to create it yourself and spend a night in it. Doing so will also save you the trouble of cleaning and packing your gear – it will be already prepared for your next trip.

Practice survival skills

Survival skills may prove useful in any situation during your life but while camping you have all the possibilities to practice them. You may try starting your own fire by finding correct kindling and creating a spark from something more difficult than a match or a lighter. You can do so with a ferro rod or even go as far as creating your own bow drill. Don’t forget about preparing the safe space for the fire, either by digging a hole in the ground or surrounding it with stones. You should also try tying knots, as it is a great skill. If you have a piece of rope or string with you then go ahead and practice different knots. They are what turns simple rope into a tool for multiple purposes.

Solution for bad weather

It may happen that weather is not really on the same side as you while going on a trip. It is not much fun just sitting in your tent and listening to rain dripping on the walls. That is where technology comes into play and the word play is not coincidental here. If you have a smartphone and you are in the area with network coverage you can benefit from the rich world of online entertainment. There are multiple games waiting and you can even test your luck in an online casino. If you fancy some gambling you can also visit online live casino where a live footage is displayed and you can be assisted by a real dealer who will deal your cards or spin the roulette wheel.